Q&A – Hip Hop Violinist Damien Escobar



Damien Escobar knows about perseverance. Once a member of the two-time Emmy Award winning group “Nuttin But Stringz”, Damien became a millionaire and a commercial success at a young age. That is, until 2012, when he found himself in poverty after the group disbanded. We sat down with Damien to get insight on his inspiring story.


How did it feel to have Stevie Wonder call you “the greatest musician he’d ever heard”?

That was definitely one of the greatest moments of my career. He had me as a part of his toy drive concert. He came up to me on stage after introducing all of the performing artists and said, “I want your bow.” I thought, “Okay? I don’t know why he wants my bow.” But he was really aggressive about it. He said, “You are the best musician I’ve ever heard.” I thought to myself,  “Wow.” Stevie Wonder was definitely one of my inspirations as a kid. 

As a musician, do you prefer Hip Hop over Classical music or an equal mixture of both?

I appreciate all of it. Where I’m from, South Jamaica Queens, I had the opportunity of being exposed to everything. In my household growing up, my mom played a lot of Chaka Khan and a lot of dope things. From a genre perspective I do everything—but my love is in creating original music. Like “Awaken” and “Freedom”. I just started playing covers over the last couple of years. My love is playing my kind of music, and I wouldn’t know what genre to classify it as to be honest.

You wouldn’t classify yours?

I wouldn’t know how to. It doesn’t fit into any certain box. Like if you listen to my singles , it’s difficult to try and classify them. I just kinda call it, “soul food”. You know, it’s a new kind of music I created for people. However they interpret it is totally up to them.

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